new single released, today on bandcamp…

The new single is now officially released and up on Bandcamp, download available in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, and WAV files among others, and can be found here:
Planetary Reset (I. Entropy II. Attrition III. The Disinformationists/Reset)


The song itself is a continuing exploration of late-1970s electronica and retro-futurism in 3 parts and as mentioned earlier, “Planetary Reset…” will be the leadoff track on the new album coming out later this year. Originally, the song title was to also be the title of the album and the composition was to be in 10 parts, but early on in the fall of 2020, the project began to morph into something much different. I liked the ending of part III. (“The Disinformationists/Reset”) as the ending of this song left several directions I could go in. Look for the new album, as yet untitled, sometime in the fall, 2021.

Harriman Lake and Red Rocks Amphitheater, 5/21/21. Photo by Erin Foley.

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