the new album has been released…

The new album, “Late Night Meditations in Suburbia” has now officially been released on Bandcamp where you can download it for free, both the entire album and individual tracks. Of course, if you want to throw something in the tipjar, that’s fine too and greatly appreciated (if you do, you also get streaming, on the Bandcamp app, with the download). You can find it here:

From my album description, this one is more electronic, more eclectic, experimental and edgier… and all of that I feel is true. This was the toughest album I’ve worked on so far and far different from the first few songs I recorded for the album I thought I was going to make, which didn’t even make it on here. Work proceeded in fits and starts – some periods were creative, but most were not and the album took what felt like an eternity. Then finishing up, Erin had her leg injury back in March, only a couple of months ago as the pandemic was ramping up here, and I’m happy to say we’ve got her back on her feet now, on her way toward full recovery – yay!

I decided to release this in its current form – most of it I’ve already posted here and on SoundCloud – and did the final mastering on the album here in the studio. Your own music should always surprise you in some way and this album certainly did. I hope you enjoy the music on here.. and it’s time to move forward. I mean that in both the personal and the societal sense.

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