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First things first. The new release, “Velocity of Being” is out. By Craig Carrington.
Yes, I’ve gone ‘solo’ (surprise, no surprise).

And you can find it here on the newly-updated Craig Carrington/Nights on Venus website available for download: ,
as well as on Bandcamp, Apple iTunes & Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify among others. The single was recently released on October 6, 2022.

Fall colors on the Hells Hole Trail, Mt. Evans Wilderness, Oct. 1.2022

“Velocity of Being” is the first advance track from a new album slated for release in the 2nd half of 2023 which I’m currently working on, to be entitled, Psychic Physics.

This song was originally recorded under a different working title in June, 2010, but never released. It was part of the original material recorded for what I thought would be my first album (solo), pre-Nights on Venus. “Nights From a Rooftop”, which was on the NoV debut album, came from this period.

12 years later, I’m now starting to release some of the original material that led to the more mellow side project, Nights on Venus, revised and re-envisioned of course, alongside songs from even further back, new material, and at least a couple of covers. Including – for the first time – vocals (mine).

A second advance track, “Trajectory“, is scheduled for release very soon, right around New Year’s. Proposed cover artwork for the release…

A few highlights from the summer and fall hiking season, 2022

Fall colors at Beaver Brook, Hwy. 103, early morning
Hwy. 103 approaching Echo Lake
Aspens on the Hells Hole Trail…
On the Grizzly Peak Trail, Loveland Pass, Erin up ahead of me, August

Why the re-branding?
It was simply time. I felt I’d taken Nights on Venus as far as I could and actually much farther than I initially thought. 6 full-length albums, 3 EPs, and 4 singles in 11 years.

The single “Planetary Reset” from May, 2021, was officially the last release by NoV and the end for now, but in the time since it came out, I’ve come to see it more as my first “unofficial” solo release. This song has more in common with the material I’m currently working on – more uptempo, more electronic – and that’s the direction I’m heading. My late 1970s, early 80s roots, so to speak.

The Continental Divide from the Butler Gulch Trail west of Empire, July, 2022…

On the Pesman Trail at timberline, Mt. Goliath, Mt. Evans Wilderness, July, 2022…
On the Stanley Mtn. Trail, affectionately known as the “switchback” trail… Vasquez Peak Wilderness, west of Berthoud Pass and above timberline, end of June, 2022…

Oh, and I had all but forgotten this, but the Nights on Venus albums were getting harder to find on several search engines. Venus was getting a little too crowded for my liking. So all previous albums/singles/EPs from Nights on Venus are available on my website, as well as iTunesBandcampAmazon MP3. Streaming on Spotify and Tidal.

Check back for more details on the release date for “Trajectory” – it’s right around the corner as is 2023. The coming year will bring many big changes, not the least of which is Erin and I will be moving to a new home in a new locale in the spring.

Rock formation, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, November, 2022

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Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, November, 2022…

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