April 10th…

Perfect spring day and tomorrow… then snow all day Sunday and most of Monday. Springtime in Colorado!

West Colfax Ave. in Lakewood, completely empty on a Saturday morning, on my way into Golden…

Day 12 (Erin post-surgery)… Much later at night, I’m listening to Three Dog Night’s “Golden Bisquits”, a staple from the early 1970s in Dallas, in junior high school – St. Mark’s, bowling leagues at Preston Forest, when I started getting rides back home after church, eschewing Sunday school indoctrination to go home and listen to “my” music… and Evergreen Conference in the summers. 1970… “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)”. Remember this from going down to Lakeway Inn on Lake Travis for a weekend. That was our vacation in 1970 – we didn’t go to Evergreen that summer. Katie and her husband came down with us for whatever reason, or maybe they invited us, I don’t know… this was pre-Kent (2nd husband). The swingin’ 70s. Is that place still there? Yes… and it’s called Lakeway Resort and Spa… thank you very much. The area around it has developed significantly of course. This is 50 fucking years ago! I would’ve rather been in Evergreen that summer at the conference and every summer for that matter, but hey, that wasn’t my decision. I was thirteen.

So I’m listening to “Out In the Country” now – here in 2020…

“Whenever I need to leave it all behind
Or feel the need to get away
I find a quiet place, far from the human race
Out in the country…

Before the breathin’ air is gone
Before the sun is just a bright spot in the night-time
Out where the rivers like to run
I stand alone and take back somethin’ worth rememberin’…”

Shmoopy and I saw them in 2013 at Belly Up in Aspen with Claire and jeez, even that’s 7 years ago now. Cory [Wells] was still with them. That was the second of two shows we saw at Belly Up that year – the first was the Todd Rundgren’s State Tour in July.

Speaking of travel, Shmoopy (Erin) and I had a talk about it tonight, ’cause we do have a trip coming up to Santa Fe in August, and we decided that this year we cancel all travel plans. Meaning Santa Fe, which was the only thing we had scheduled anyway. At Ten Thousand Waves. In August. She’ll still most likely be re-learning how to walk on a reconstructed, refurbished hamstring and we’re not going to the opera and be sitting next to people even in August. I cancelled my travel plans last month to go to Dallas for my dad’s 91st birthday as the outbreak was ramping up in the U.S. It didn’t seem responsible to travel and then the assisted living facility he’s in went on lockdown a couple of days before his birthday. Couldn’t have seen him anyway.

This, the coronavirus, won’t be over by August. No National Football League either this year (sorry, people). So I called up Ten Thousand Waves earlier. They’re closed right now, through May 31st… they’ll be missing the Memorial Day weekend. But I need to call them and cancel our reservation for 3 nights starting August 20th. Hate to do that, but 2020’s cancelled. Shut it all down, 2020… So says Neil Young.

I’ll call them whenever they do re-open. June?… July?


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